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Attract the necessary talent and skills for your organization, get satisfied applicants and collaborate efficiently with hiring managers – all with the right recruitment tool

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Work with the entire recruitment process

A recruitment tool helping you and your team bring your recruitments to the next level

An attractive career page without IT and Marketing

Tomorrow’s job applicants visit your career site today. Make sure to maximize your chances of attracting the right candidates with a stunning career portal. You can create and manage the career site without any previous knowledge of web design.

Smart advertising and visibility

Using well known job application sites and social media you have the possibility to post your ads where your candidates are. Attract talent and make it easy for candidates to find their way to you.

Closer and simpler collaborations with hiring managers

Smartphone friendly with an intuitive user experience makes it easy for hiring managers to be a part of the recruitment process. Interviewing templates and support for your processes leads to better candidate experiences and a better overall result.

Find the right competencies with the right selection methods

Using requirements, selection questions and psychometric assessments you will identify the right candidates, minimize the risk of hiring the wrong person and being able to recruit without prejudice. We offer integrations for competency based recruitments and assessments from market-leading suppliers.

Recruitment automation

There are huge benefits to automating parts of your recruitment process. Lessen the risk of hiring the wrong candidate, guarantee an excellent candidate experience, relieve hiring managers of administrative tasks, and get time to focus on what truly matters – meeting the person behind the application.

Measure your KPI:s and ROI

With the help of recruiting insights you can measure and follow-up on the efficiency and quality of your recruitments. Get in control of your important metrics, choose advertising channels giving you the best ROI and ge the proper support for making better decision about your recruitment.

Execute your recruitment strategy

Attract candidates

Quality assured selection

Better collaboration

Powerful automation

A stunning career portal without design skills

To succeed with attracting the right talent, you need a career site you can update whenever needed, and that showcases what it’s like working for you. Today, candidates expect to get a sense of the company before applying for a position, and it’s not unheard of that some choose to no apply if they haven’t found enough information about you.

With ReachMee Attract you get a career site that HR create and manage on their own. No need for web development skills or help from the IT or Marketing departments.

  • Adjust the page to match you. Add your logo, color scheme and choose a matching font
  • Top image with text and application buttons
  • Blocks where you can add galleries, videos, text and background color with a few clicks
  • Testimonials with images
  • Showcase perks with the help of stylish icons

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Find the right person with assessment

Some recruitments are more complex than other. Asking about required competencies and employing selection questions work perfectly for a first screening, but in some cases further assessment is necessary. Using a combination of selection questions and predictive analytics may be the key to finding the right talent.

In ReachMee’s Recruitment Tool you can work with candidate assessments provided from certified suppliers such as Cut-e, Assessio and Cubiks. You can assess:

  • Logical ability
  • Behaviors that may arise in work situation
  • Communication skills
  • Values and attitudes
  • Predictive analytics of future performance

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Supporting hiring managers

ReachMee Recruitment Tool supports your entire recruitment process with several integrated functions and solutions. Both recruiters and hiring managers benefit from a simplified collaborative process. Ensure positive candidate experiences with a clear process, informative career pages, smart advertising and guaranteed feedback och applications.

No matter your role, work together and collaborate on different projects.

  • Invite colleagues to review applicants – without logging in
  • Flexible access levels for users
  • Templates to help you ensure quality, simplicity and swift processes
  • Get an overview of the entire process, adapt it to your needs and get support where needed

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Simplify and improve with powerful automation

Automation is so much more than providing quick feedback. Some would call it robot recruiting, but for us it’s all about creating the best circumstances for finding the right skills and contributing with tools for making non-discriminatory hiring decisions. It’s about giving a bit of time back to HR and hiring managers so they can focus on meeting qualified candidates.

Manage large volumes of applicants, provide more positive candidate experiences and ensure good quality in all of your recruitments.

Recruiting automation can help you:

  • Reduce your time-to-hire
  • Focus on qualified candidates; screening, assessments and selection questions will help weed out unqualified applicants
  • Delight candidates by providing updates throughout the process with automated replies
  • Less bureaucracy and a simpler workflow for hiring managers
  • Recruit fairly and impartially with the help of quality assured selection methods

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A tool for HR, hiring managers and candidates

ReachMee Recruitment Tool provides everything you need to properly support hiring managers and create the perfect circumstances for positive candidate experiences

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What features are important for you?

Responsive career site

Easily create a stunning career page with all the information candidates should know about why they should be working for you.

Advertising and social media

Integrations with popular job posting sites and with the possibility to seamlessly post on social media, including Facebook and LinkedIn. Reach your candidates, wherever they may be.

The recruitment process

Organizations have different challenges and needs. That’s why we provide a flexible process structure you can adapt to you and your recruitment process.

Hiring managers

Clever solutions for improved collaboration across teams and between HR and hiring managers. Temporarily invite members to take part of the entire, or parts of, recruitment project.


Get insights about your recruitments, follow-up on important KPI’s and understand the results of your recruiting efforts. Optimize your choice of communication channels and understand what gives you the best outcome.

Calendar and booking

Easily schedule appointments with candidates. The flexible calendar also allows you to send suggestions for time slots so candidates can choose the option that suits them best.

Recruitment automation

A powerful solution that in combination with selection questions and candidate assessment help you automate a large part of your recruitment process. Focus instead on what’s important: people.

Integrated assessments

Increase the quality of your recruitments using renowned and validated suppliers of candidate assessments and psychometric testing.

Competency based recruiting

Avoid your gut feeling. Hire based on competency instead. Easily define a candidate profile using well known frameworks for work related competencies and use automatically generated interview guides for better assessment.