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ReachMee offers a powerful, market-leading solution for discovering, recruiting and hiring talent and is used by smart and adept organizations who need to recruit more successfully by increasing the chances of finding the right person for the right position. With the right technology, deep understanding of recruitment processes and a strong devotion to solve customers’ challenges, ReachMee has taken a strong and leading position in the Nordic market.

Our solutions are used by well over 650 large and small customers in both the private and public sectors including NCC, Ahlsell, and McDonalds. ReachMee has offices in Oslo, Helsinki, Kiev and with headquarters in Stockholm.

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A Passion for HR

It began with a burning passion for HR and IT – a passion we have never lost and never will. It is this passion, nurtured in close partnership with our fantastic customers, that has made us one of the leading players in the market. It’s a position we intend to keep. In 1999, Globesoft was founded as a response to the growing need for digital tools to facilitate and streamline HR processes.

ReachMee, our recruitment tool, has been developed in close collaboration with our customers, and is now one of the most widely used and appreciated tools on the Nordic market. For that reason, we decided in 2016 to present a clearer profile by becoming one with our product, changing our name from Globesoft to ReachMee

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Having the right expertise is one of the most important factors for companies and organisations to progress and survive in tough markets. The challenge of finding the right person for the right job is universal across sectors and across organisations of all sizes – both private sector and public.

We interface closely with our customers, and we are highly sensitive to what is required to keep our customers ahead of the pack in the hunt for talent. We know just how vital it is to be at the cutting edge of technology that can help companies recruit smarter.

We are dedicated to creating a tool that makes it smooth and easy for organisations to find, attract and recruit candidates through a seamless process that is easy for both company and job candidates alike.

Clever solutions for smart organisations

ReachMee is the solution for organisations looking for ways to refocus their time on what’s important: people.

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No People – No Company

We are well aware that its staff is the most important resource a company or organisation can invest in. The staff are the backbone of the organisation, and having the right personnel in the right place is crucial in achieving long-term, sustainable success. Effective recruitment is based on a combination of practical experience and well-honed intuition, and, in our view, all recruiter are heroes who infuse energy into their organisations, and enable growth.

Our recruitment solution currently has over 130 000 users, and its flexibility and functionality make it a popular choice for all types of companies and organisations. After many years of working closely with our customers, we know precisely what needs a recruitment system has to meet, as well as the importance of making it user-friendly for all types of user. The increasing spread of digital technology is affecting HR just as much as other fields, and the tools HR uses day in and day out must reflect this. We are working hand in hand with our customers to ensure successful recruitment today and tomorrow.

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We aim to be part of the never-ending effort to find, attract and recruit talent – and our ambition is to make this as simple and effective as possible, so that our customers can concentrate on their own part in the process: actually finding and recruiting the talent that will enable their organisation to grow.

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We want to grow – work with us!

We’re a close-knit gang working in offices all around the Nordics. We’re constantly looking for new talent to join our team and help us take recruitment and Talent Acquisition to the next level. Take a look at our career page where you can learn more about working with us and what positions we’re looking to fill. If you can’t find anything that suits you at the moment, you’re always welcome to get in touch by submitting an open application and tell us a bit more about yourself!